Sherwood Recreation Center

The Sherwood Recreation Center is an outdoor haven located in the Ward 6 corridor. The 2-story building is equipped with specialized program areas such as a gym, full kitchen, fitness room, multipurpose room, and games room. Sherwood has excellent outdoor amenities as well. Some of the outdoor amenities are a community garden, basketball courts, tennis courts, and a small track for running, jogging and walking. Sherwood also has a ?Mound? themed playground. The ?Mound? theme creates an outdoor atmosphere for multiple play areas filled with playground equipment to be used in multiple ways at the same time. The playground has an active human sundial and live instruments for toddlers-kids to interact with. Sherwood is conveniently located next to School within a school. Sherwood is located 2 blocks from the H ST corridor and just a few blocks south of Union Station at the base of Capitol Hill.

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Center Facilities

  • Basketball Court
  • Fitness Center
  • Gymnasium
  • Kitchen
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Tennis Court


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